Who is Eagle Rock OHV Inc.

Eagle Rock OHV Inc. (ER OHV) is a group of individuals, families, and businesses supporting Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use. Why OHV; simply put – we ride multiple types of vehicles. Our members have motorcycles, single seat ATV’s, dual seat ATV, trail legal 50” UTV’s, greater than 50” UTV’s, snowmobiles, and ATV’s and UTV’s with tracks for every season fun. ER OHV is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho but we have members from many of the surrounding communities. We support OHV safety and good trail ethics during our activities and request that all members and guests follow the guidelines posted on the OHV and in the owners’ manual. At the very least, we require you to adhere to State and Federal helmet and eye protection laws and follow all posted trail regulations.

Why join Eagle Rock OHV

Eagle Rock OHV has adopted several trails in the surrounding areas and we perform trail maintenance when necessary. In cooperation with the Forest Service, we build bridges across streams; install cattle guards, and put up signs along established trails. Eagle Rock OHV promotes responsible riding, staying on marked trails, and respecting wildlife habitat. We also work with the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, County Commissioners, and Idaho Parks and Recreation Department on various projects. Increasing our OHV membership will enable us to actively support your rights to the use of public lands by working with local, state, and federal land managers to keep trails and roads available for recreational use. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and gatherings.

Eagle Rock OHV Member Benefits

  • Riding, riding, and more riding for a great time
  • Educational opportunities with like-minded friends
  • Sharing of land use information at monthly meeting
  • Current and ongoing information involving OHV recreation
  • Stay current on land use issues and how they impact our area
  • Friendship and riding opportunities with people with like interests
  • Overnight social camp out with OHV trail riding and work projects
  • Opportunities to participate “on the ground” in resource and reclamation projects
  • Social gathering and meetings with guest speakers along with delicious food and valuable information
  • Knowing your financial support will be used for protecting and preserving the sport of OHV motorized activity
  • Opportunity to learn the location of numerous OHV trails in the local area as well as some extended rides outside the area
  • Our motto always riding and that’s just what we do
You are invited to attend our monthly meetings to find out more about Eagle Rock OHV and meet interesting and knowledgeable members and learn about trails and riding. Eagle Rock OHV meets every 4th Wednesday of the month, March through October, at the Papa Toms Pizza. Click here for directions.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Eagle Rock OHV Inc. has enacted the following policy: Eagle Rock OHV, Inc. does not endorse or oppose any political candidates, donate or contribute to any political candidate's campaign, participate or engage in political fundraising events, distribute statements for or against particular political candidates, nor engage in any other activity that may constitute favoring or opposing a political candidate.